The world of football is vast and very popular, and the year 2020 certainly dealt a massive blow to fans all over the world. Still, things seem to be getting back to normal and there are a lot of events on the horizon. New competitions, new transfers, new video games, everything is on its way to reignite the hype for this sport. Since the year just started it would be fun to speculate and give predictions as to what we can expect during this year. So here are some of the top predictions for the year 2021, when it comes to the world of football. 

Messi Will Win the International Trophy

Messi had a very decent and balanced game over the years or there was far less fluctuation in his performance, compared to some of the other players. Also, a number of other top player competitors have aged out over the past year, so, chances are he will finally take that international cup home in 2021. 

Liverpool Will Win the Premier League

Before everything was brought to a grinding halt, Liverpool was on their way to be crowned a champion of the Premier League. The fans and players were devastated that they could not see this journey to its end, so they are highly motivated to end up as victors.

Clearly, it won’t be a cakewalk and it will probably be a lot harder now, but they are determined and they have definitely deserved it. 

Italy Will Win Euro Cup  

Italy did really well in 2020 and ended the year as one of the best teams on the international stage. We expect this trend to continue and for Italy to come on top during the 2021 European Cup. They did miss out on the World Cup in 2018 so they are highly motivated to take the European crown this year. 

La Liga Winner Will Be Atletico

When it comes to La Liga the most heated rivalry is between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and most of the fans typically expect one of these two teams to take the championship. However, Atletico has performed exceptionally over the past year, and things are likely to change. It would surely be refreshing and they stand a good chance, as the team has been bolstered with some new talent.

Messi Leaves Barcelona

Even if Atletico doesn’t end up winning and Barcelona actually wins La Liga, chances are Messi will leave the team. It’s not entirely certain of course, and there are a lot of fans cheering him on to stay but there is a good chance he will join PSG. He can join with his old colleague Neymar and a new star Mbappe so that they can lay waste to anyone who stands in their way. 


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