Since the coronavirus pandemics started, it seems that people all around the world have been yearning for social gatherings like sports tournaments and various championships which can lift their spirits up. Sports fans are especially looking forward to watching and supporting their favourite football teams which can prove their dominance at numerous tournaments on different continents in 2022. They can also check out Kod i8 yang disyorkan in between halftimes and during commercials. Before the fans start their football pilgrimage, here are some directions on where to look for football Mecca and Medina in 2022 and which events are planned there. 

FIFA World Cup

Maybe the most important football tournament of 2022, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar as late as November. The reason for moving it to the end of the year is the weather conditions in Qatar where temperatures can be extremely high for both athletes and the audience. As a matter of fact, 32 nations including the hosting Qatar will participate in the World Cup and try to take over the trophy from the previous champion, and that is France.  It does not come as a surprise that the FIFA organizers are persistent in their intention to squeeze the FIFA World Cup cycle into two years since it is the second most followed sports event in the world.  

Africa Cup of Nations 

Better known as Afcon, this tournament also takes place during winter for the same reasons as the World Cup. Initially, it was planned for the middle of July 2021, and because of the high temperatures, inhumane conditions, as well as COVID19 restrictions, it has been moved to this January. The host is Cameroon, and the participants are clubs from all over the world that gather high-profile players and famous football names. 

FIFA Club World Cup

This tournament was meant to be held in the midsummer of 2021 in Japan. However, Japan had to deal with yet another COVID19 spike at that time, which slowed down the general preparations for the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Therefore, FIFA Club World Club was moved to the end of 2021, and it was rescheduled again since the pandemics continued to dictate the conditions. Finally, it will take place from 3rd to 12th February in the United Arab Emirates, and it will be hosting the following clubs: Chelsea from England, Palmeiras from Brazil, Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia, Al Ahly from Egypt, Monterrey from Mexico, AS Pirae from Tahiti, and Al Jazira from UAE.

FA Cup

The oldest football tournament in the world will take place in Wales, Jersey, and England, the latter hosting the final match at Wembley Stadium in London. The beginning of the FA cup is meant for the 6th of February, and the date of the final match is the 14th of May. It features the clubs from both the higher and lower league, the high-profile ones including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea. Although the football club giants are present at this tournament, Leicester City was the last one to win the FA Cup and will try to defend the trophy this year.  

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