Football is the most popular sport in the world. It comes as no surprise, given the attention that the sport brings and the money that it also has. When a sport is as omnipresent as football is, then you know that it has to be popular. It is watched by millions of fans throughout the world. 

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Football clubs attract a lot of attention and those playing in the top leagues earn a lot of money and have even more fans. 2022 is upon us and let us see which football clubs are the most popular.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid plays in the Spanish La Liga and is probably the most popular football club on the planet. It certainly has the most followers on social media, combined. The fans don’t just come from Spain, but all over the world. Real Madrid was and is home to great, star athletes and they always know how to find new talent.

Being as good as they are, they have won plenty of trophies, including 10 European titles. International titles count a lot more and in this case, Real has been anything but slacking.


Barcelona is Real Madrid’s biggest rival. Barcelona is right there with Real in terms of popularity and fan adoration, but it appears some fans like Real a bit more. Sentences like these could start a fan war, so we can say that both teams are equally popular.

Barcelona also has many international and domestic titles, but also a huge and devoted fan base.

Manchester United

For a team that hasn’t been doing well in a while, at least if we look at the titles and their overall score in the last couple of years, Manchester United has so many followers. It is a team that despite its success or a lack of one, will always have adoring fans. Even though they are going through hard times, the fans will always be backing them up.


Juventus became even more popular when Cristiano Ronaldo joined the team in 2018, leaving Real after many good years and seasons. Juventus was already a really popular team in Italy’s top league, Serie A, but nowadays, it is doing so much better in terms of popularity. Ronaldo has that influence, being one of the most expensive and best footballers in the world.


Chelsea is currently one of the most popular clubs in the Premier League, and it probably has something to do with them winning the UEFA Champions League in 2021. When you become a champion, you tend to attract more attention. Chelsea was a popular club even before winning the Champions League for the second time, but this solidified their spot in the top 10.

Bayern Munich

Unlike most other teams, Bayern started looking overseas, to China and other markets, and have expanded their influence and fan base. Even without doing so, they are the most successful team to come out of the Bundesliga.

These are the most popular football clubs of 2022.

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